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Welcome to Mana Global Enterprise 

Mana Global Enterprise (Mana-GE) will provide strategic alignment and direction to your organisation’s business development needs by:

  • Recognising your needs and profiling stakeholder groups to identify potential clients.
  • Creating your organisational value to target customers and stakeholder groups.
  • Contacting prospective clients, determining decision makers and presenting your organisational value.
  • Delivering business development results.  

We will deliver your businesses developmental needs by establishing your organisational capacity and capability to deliver to market expectations.  We will increase your business revenues and value chain stakeholder exposure inline with your organisations ability to perform.


We also provide sales process consulting including re-engineering and e-strategies to bring your business either inline or in front of your competitors.

Our vision is to be an excellent resource throughout the design and build supply chain; improving organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

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